# You have entered the dragon's lair. Hopefully, you brought treasure > [!quote] *Tenebrous* > *A variant of the word *Tenebrism*. Tenebrism refers to a style of painting characterized by high contrast between light and shade -- emphasis placed on chiaroscuro to achieve dark, dramatic effects.* > \- [The National Gallery](https://www.nationalgallery.org.uk/paintings/glossary/tenebrism) Step into the little maelstrom of that which is Tenebrous Dragon, the online space belonging to Rebbecca Bishop (AKA Sigrunixia). This is a place for her personal writings, musings, and things she thinks are worth sharing to the world. ## Current focuses 🛠️ [Obsidian Help Docs update](https://github.com/obsidianmd/obsidian-help) 🪨 [Granite](https://github.com/Obsidian-TTRPG-Community/Granite) *Are you an Animated Gif creator? I want to hire you!* 🎱 [Cypher SRD](https://github.com/Obsidian-TTRPG-Community/Cypher-SRD-Markdown) 📙 [[Obsidian Book Club]] 📇 [[Advent of Code]] ## Latest essays ![[Essays#^tenebrous-latest-essays]] ## Latest Updates - 2023-12-04: [[Manifesting Gemmy#Ascension|Manifesting Gemmy - Ascended]]